Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Condemns Anti-Semitic Remarks by Senior Saudi Officials

Summer 2004

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) has long been on record as condemning the anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli messages emanating from our ostensible ally, Saudi Arabia. We have previously condemned their manipulation of the oil markets through their control of OPEC as a factor contributing to the destabilization of the world economy at a time of international crisis, and we have called for the removal of U.S. troops from such hostile soil at the conclusion of combat in Iraq. As we have noted, "The Saudis are a nation of systematic religious intolerance, particularly toward those of the Christian and Jewish faith. There are no synagogues in Saudi Arabia and Jews are not welcome there. Even Christian and Jewish members of the U.S. military, there to protect the Saudis, have had to conceal their religious affiliation in various ways." Recent remarks by high-ranking Saudi officials confirm that Saudi intolerance continues to grow and color the official positions of this government of bigotry and greed. Responsibility for a series of attacks on Westerners in the Saudi kingdom in June was claimed by al-Quaeda. Crown Prince Abdullah has, however, been quoted as saying, "Zionism is behind it." Prince Nayef, the Saudi Interior Minister went even further by saying that, "Al-Quaeda is backed by Israel and Zionism." NBC news reports, however, that Saudi backers of al-Quaeda remain free while these vile anti-Semitic comments are circulated by high-ranking Saudi officials. The JWV demands a retraction of these remarks by those who have so obviously made them to promote anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli causes. The United States must condemn such slander from those who claim to be our allies in the cause of peace and justice. The Saudis have given and continue to give aid and comfort to al-Quaeda and terrorism.


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