Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America


Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) National Commander Ronald Ziegler has condemned in the harshest possible terms the terrorist bombing yesterday in Jerusalem. "Civilized people everywhere can only regard with disgust and repulsion the type of human animals who send these deluded men and women out to die so horribly and to murder innocent men, women and children," Ziegler said. "They wrap these evil, sick acts in their twisted vision of Islam and murder in the name of G-d, while continuing to demonize Judaism as a religion. It's time for the foolish leaders who befriended Arafat and his fellow terrorists to realize what they've done. It's not enough to speak out- the international community must take action to rein in the monster they've created!" Ziegler went on to condemn as well the dishonesty of the media and the politicians who have tried to find equivalencies in every action-counteraction between the Israelis and the Palestinian terrorists. "There is no equivalency between the unfortunate deaths of civilians accidentally caught in a military action and a deliberate bombing of a busy restaurant full of civilians. Anyone who cannot tell the difference between the two has no business being in charge of anything important," he said. "And if you doubt the effort Israel expends to avoid civilian injuries or deaths, look at what the Russians have done in Chenchnia! The amazing thing is not that innocent Palestinians have been hurt or died in this undeclared war- the amazing thing is how far the Israelis have gone to avoid Palestinians casualties! Secretary of State Colin Powell knows that as well as any current or retired military leader. Why do we never hear the US talk about that?" Ziegler also called for increased funding for the US military, both active duty, Reserves and National Guard. "In a world where things like the Jerusalem bombing can happen, where foreign and domestic terrorists can set off bombs in Oklahoma City or the World Trade Center in New York- when our troops are stationed in places like Kosovo or Iraq, they need the best training and best tools to deal with threats like these, "Ziegler declared. "I hope the Bush administration will give them those tools."

JWV is dedicated to America's veterans. Through its hospital, rehabilitation and veterans' service programs, JWV assists the Veterans' Service Offices in major cities throughout the country. JWV supports the underprivileged, homeless, and handicapped of our nation through a variety of civic betterment projects, including low-cost, federally subsidized senior citizens housing. JWV also works to combat anti-Semitism and bigotry. JWV supports American youth through scouting, scholarships and anti-drug programs. The organization supports strong U.S.-Israeli relations by sponsoring two Allied Veterans' Missions to Israel each year. JWV is a familiar presence on Capitol Hill, providing its opinions on matters of National Defense and the Armed Forces.


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