Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Deplores Proposed Cut in National Guard Strength

Spring 2006

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) commends the Nation's governors and most members of Congress in deploring a proposed cut of 5% in the Guard's authorized strength in the 2007 Pentagon budget. The JWV has for more than 10 years called for equipment upgrades and a recognition of equality of service for the Guard. Such a cut would be a slap in the face to the Guard, which has provided more than 30 percent of the soldiers who served in Iraq last year and is needed in case of a natural disaster or terrorist attack on our shores, as was graphically shown in last year's response to Hurricane Katrina. Response to that disaster was slowed by the lack of availability of so many Louisiana Guard troops who were on active duty in Iraq and therefore not available to aid in hurricane relief. A reduction in Guard strength would only exacerbate the problems in responding to future disasters. Our country can ill afford to cut our National Guard forces at a time when so many of our Guard members are overseas and not available for domestic emergencies. The next Hurricane Katrina can strike at any time. The National Guard must stand ready to defend the homeland in case of terrorist or natural disaster. The National Guard has stood up for our country both at home and in the battle zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. The JWV supports their service to our country and joins with our elected officials in fighting this affront to their ranks. Such a cut in Guard strength is not only an outrage in the face of their service to our country, but only serves to weaken the defense of our homeland. While the Pentagon has backed down from their initial proposal in the face of united opposition from the governors of all parties, the JWV urges vigilance to prevent this proposed cut in service strength from reemerging as the Budget process continues. The Guard has served and defended our interests wherever it has been asked to go. We must serve and defend the Guard.


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