Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Says President Should Stick With A Terrorist is a Approach, With Arafat’s Name at Top of List

Spring 2002

Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) applauds President Bush's speech on the 6-month anniversary of September 11th, but thinks the President was not specific enough. The organization's position was announced by National Commander Bernard Becker. "The President said again that 'against such an enemy, there is no immunity and there can be no neutrality,'" NC Becker observed. "And the President said that 'there can be no peace in a world where differences and grievances become an excuse to target the innocent for murder.' But where was Arafat's name in his speech?" "President Bush has stood by Israel, and we appreciate that stand, even as we understand there can be differences of opinion between allies, and differences in the self-interests of the two nations. Still, Mr. Becker pointed out, "in the fight against terror, it is Israel that has stood firm while many other US allies have dithered, made excuses, or sought even to profit from the death and destruction. "The President should make it clear to all the world that, whatever our differences, America stands with Israel and will not forsake its ally. As rumors spread of Iraqi military maneuvers and multiple massive attacks planned against Israel during Passover, let the world know that we stand by those who mourned for us on September 11th, not those who cheered our losses," Mr. Becker concluded.


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