Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Strongly Supports Legislation to Assure Mandatory Funding for Veterans Health Care

Winter 2005

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) strongly endorses and supports the efforts of Rep. Lane Evans (D-IL) to provide adequate needed funding for veterans' health needs through his introduction of H.R. 515, the Assured Funding for Veterans Health Care Act of 2005. The JWV agrees in the strongest possible terms with Rep. Evans contention that "We can no longer allow the VA to be hostage to the administration's misplaced priorities and the follies of the Congressional budget process. This bill would place veterans' health care on par with all major federal health care programs by determining resources bases on programmatic need rather than politics and budgetary gimmicks." Under the current system funding for veterans' health care is subject to reduction at any time due to political and programmatic pressures to take money earmarked for the care of those who have served the country, many on the field of battle, and divert those funds to other programs. In this way, the most deserving among us, those who have fought to defend our basic freedoms, are often denied the care which they have earned, which they have been promised, and which they deserve. The lack of prompt access to the care they deserve and have earned is not acceptable. As the wounded come home in ever-increasing numbers from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, the problem will only worsen in the years to come. Therefore, it is imperative that all those who honor our brave fighting men and women come together to support Rep. Evans' bill. It is not enough to mouth support for our current troops and those who fought the brave fight before them. We must all support mandatory funding to ensure their future needs as set out in the legislation proposed by Rep. Evans. The JWV urges everyone to contact their senators and representatives to urge their support for this bill and corresponding legislation in the Senate. Our country owes health care to our veterans, who must not be dependent on the whims of the political process to get the benefits they have earned. We must remove funding for veterans' health care from the vagaries of political maneuvering. Our veterans deserve no less!


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