Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Strongly Supports Military Retirees Healthcare Protection Act

Spring 2006

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) strongly supports HR4949, Military Retirees' Healthcare Protection Act, which would protect the rights of military retirees to the health care that they have earned and been promised through their years of service to our nation. The current program for health benefits for retired personnel is being threatened by an Administration plan to raise fees and co-payments and in essence turn an earned benefit for service to our country into an insurance program in order to finance other Pentagon needs. The threatened program provides military personnel with health benefits from the time of their retirement, usually in their mid-forties, to the time they become eligible for Medicare, at 65. Retirees may participate in Tricare for Life, which covers out-of-pocket expenses and other services not provided through Medicare. Retirees also can participate in a pharmacy benefit program provided to Medicare-eligible beneficiaries. The JWV strongly supports this benefit which has been promised to those who have given of their lives to protect our freedoms by making the military their career. It would be an affront to their years of honorable service to renege on a promise made to them in return for their service. Moreover, it will be very difficult to ensure that the best and the brightest of our youth continue to volunteer to protect our freedoms if they know that the promises that are being made to them now and in the future can be wiped out at the discretion of a future Administration. The benefits that have been earned through the sweat and tears of those pledged to defend our freedoms should not be lost in order to finance other military programs. Those who have served have made a promise to America; America has, in turn, made a promise to take care of them in their retirement. Our military retirees have kept their promise; the government must do the same. Therefore, the JWV strongly supports HR4949, Military Retirees' Healthcare Protection Act, as a way to guarantee that our government keeps its promise to provide health care that has been earned through service to the defense of our nation.


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