Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Supports Venezuela Arms Embargo and Demands the Elimination of Military Purchases from Spain

Spring 2006

The Jewish War Veterans of the USA (JWV) supports the recently announced ban on U.S. arms sales to Venezuela. We recommend that such a ban be extended to other countries, such as Spain, who oppose U.S. interests while accepting U.S. aid and assistance. Venezuela, led by its pompous President, Hugo Chavez, is a rogue nation that condemns the United States and its policies throughout the world and may be funneling arms purchased from any source to terrorist groups in other countries. While the United States has announced this ban in regard to Venezuela, other nations, such as Spain, purport to be allies of the United States, while at the same time taking every opportunity to denounce U.S. policies and undermine U.S. efforts to ban arms sales to Venezuela. At the same time that Spain is supplying fighter aircraft, with American components that they had ostensibly removed, to Venezuela in contravention of a U.S. ban, it is attempting to sell the same equipment to U.S. forces. This embargo on arms sales should serve as a warning to all nations, whether they tout themselves as friend or foe of this country, that the United States will not stand by while others take advantage of a long-standing relationship to condemn us. In the War against Terrorism, all countries that do not support U.S. efforts should be treated the same. Not only does the JWV support the recently announced embargo on arms to Venezuela, but would hope that such an embargo could be extended to all countries that are attempting to undermine U.S. efforts to combat terrorism, whether or not they otherwise pretend to be U.S. allies. To do less would demonstrate America's stupidity in its fight against terrorism.


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