Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV Urges Withdrawal of Troops from the Turbulent Middle East

January 2011

The Middle East, normally an area of great turbulence and ongoing conflict, has exploded into even greater instability this week, as riots in Egypt have broken out following the recent demonstrations in Tunisia that toppled long-time dictator Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. To add to the continued instability to the area, demonstrations have been called for in Lebanon to protest Hezbollah interference in the Lebanese government.

Despite a police crackdown, riots have again broken out in Egypt, assuring further instability. Tunisia and Lebanon remain precariously unstable while the governments of both nations assess their futures.

In the meantime, large numbers of U.S. forces remain in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It is more important than ever that our forces be withdrawn from the Middle East as soon as possible lest they be drawn into new conflicts and civil wars that threaten to overwhelm the entire region. We must not contribute American lives in the area and definitely not send any additional troops into the Middle East.

The JWV urges an immediate reconsideration of current withdrawal dates for our troops given these new and dire circumstances in the region. The dates for withdrawal or draw down must be moved up, and the reassessment of withdrawal dates must be done immediately.

Our troops must not become pawns in the internal turmoil of impending civil wars that threaten the nations that surround them lest we find ourselves in an abyss of hate and death.


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