Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

NMAJMH Is Honored to Include Professor Liviu Librescu on Its Yahrzeit Memorial

Spring 2007

The National Museum of American Jewish Military History (NMAJMH) is honored to place in its Yahrzeit Memorial the name of Professor Liviu Librescu, who, at the cost of his own life, saved the lives of his students during the massacre at Virginia Tech. Those who fight for and defend the freedom and way of life of others need not wear a uniform. They only require a free, understanding, and sincere concern for the rights of others. He both lived his life and died as a true hero, and we are proud to honor his memory on our Yahrzeit program. In Judaism, the Yahrzeit - the anniversary of the death of a relative--is observed as a solemn occasion. A special candle is lit, burning for the full 24 hours of the anniversary date. The Hebrew date of death is regarded as the anniversary in the years after a person's passing, and it was traditional for centuries to also mark the occasion by visiting the gravesite. The NMAJMH Yahrzeit Memorial Kiosk, can be accessed at The name of Professor Librescu will join those of other heroes, including many young service people who have given their lives in the service of their country in its current conflicts. Professor Librescu faced many unfathomable obstacles in his lifetime, first as a teenager during the Holocaust, then as a distinguished scholar forced to endure great indignities in Communist-controlled Romania. When faced with the greatest challenge of all, a crazed gunman intent on wiping out everyone in his path, he rose above the evil confronting him and sacrificed his own life to protect his students. May his memory truly be as a blessing for us all.


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