Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America

JWV National Vietnam Veterans Memorial Projects

The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. gets more visitors each year than any other war monument in the Nation's Capital.

Visiting the "Wall", as it is commonly called, is an emotional experience. The stark granite, carved with thousands, of names reminds us of the terrible price of war and the tragic sacrifices made by young Americans and their families. JWV has several projects related to the Wall. In addition, a new project called IN TOUCH, sponsored by the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is worth your attention.

Wreath Laying: Members of Capital area Posts participate in Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies at the Wall and lay a wreath on behalf of the national Organization. JWV involvement in these annual events demonstrates our commitment to Vietnam era veterans.

Name Rubbing: Visitors to the Wall frequently come away with a very special memento of their visit, a name rubbing. This spontaneous symbol of love and comradeship has become an established program of the National Park Service, which maintains the Memorial. The Park Service has thousands of back orders for name rubbings from people who are unable to visit the Wall and create the rubbings themselves. (The Rubbings are simply pieces of paper that have been placed against the engraved wall and colored-in until a name appears.)

* Please note: Regulations require rubbings for names appearing at the top of the Wall be done by Park Service employees only.